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Kings Gone Bad - Tektonik

UK EDM duo Matt Gough and David Rogers, better known as Kings Gone Bad are back again with a banger of a progressive electro/house track. By now you should know who KGB are, but if you don’t be sure to check our reviews of some of their previous work

For those of you who are acquainted with KGB, you’ll be amazed, for for those of you who aren’t you’ll be mind blown. They’ve truly out done themselves this time. With it’s melodic synths but hard hitting percussion progressing into a  bass heavy track, Tektonik is certainly reminiscent of a genuinely amazing sound thats been missing from progressive electro house music for a long time. This is by far our favourite track from KGB to date. 

And as usual it’s free. What’s better than free music?! Be sure to throw the boys a like if you enjoyed the track.

Free download.

Kings Gone Bad on Soundcloud.

David Rogers on Soundcloud.

Matt Gough on Soundcloud.

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